Creates Safe Drinking Water Rich in Antioxidants

The all-new Hydrogen Rich Water Cup is designed to enhance drinkable water that is put in it. At a touch of a button the enriched hydrogen that our bodies need to fight free radicals, will be infused with the water. Our Hydrogen Rich Water Cup is also designed for it to be easily carried anywhere so you can enjoy the best water all the time. This is the best way in which you can boost your health without much effort.


You have heard of antioxidants which are normally obtained in the form of fat and water soluble vitamins for countering harmful free radicals in your body. Well now you can do it through creating Hydrogen Water using the Hydrogen Water Bottle. Simply fill the bottle with water, connect the bottle to a USB port on your computer and in 5 mins your water is ready for drinking.


Hydrogen itself is one of the best natural anti-oxidants,It tastes very neutral, similar to the taste of purified water – colorless, tasteless and odorless. so the hydrogen water has a strong restoring function, which can neutralize the body’s blood and active oxygen (free radicals) in the cells.


Hydrogen water fully remove malignant active oxygen from the body. Malignant active oxygen is the source of many diseases. when you drink the water, it soaks up dangerous free radicals and thereby positively improves your health.

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