Home Air Purifier

The home air purifier has an air quality sensor that automatically senses the deterioration of air quality due to smoking, cooking, external pollution, etc., and performs automatic operation. The degree of air pollution can be displayed, and it can be displayed with precise figures. The degree of air purification can also be seen at a glance. Home air purifiers use high-sensitivity air quality sensors and high-tech microcomputer chips to process, display and control the operation of air purifiers. When the household air purifier is in use, the fan can be adjusted, and the rapid, standard, and silent modes are simultaneously raised or dropped. It is now used in homes, offices, hotels and other places.

Household air purifiers are useful, and air purifiers are mainly used to remove pm2.5.

The air purifier is usually composed of a high voltage generating circuit negative ion generator, a micro fan, an air filter and the like. Widely used in air-conditioned rooms such as offices, hotels, residential houses, hospital wards, and other laboratories, computer rooms, etc. that require air purification. It is beneficial to improve indoor air quality. Air purifiers are a new type of household appliances. It has the functions of automatic detection of smoke, filtration of dust, elimination of odor and harmful gases, double sterilization, and release of negative ions.

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