Ionizer glass filter plastic maker generator portable alkaline best hydrogen-rich water bottle

Nowadays, health preservation has been paid more and more attention,and there are many health products on the market. We designed a bottle that can makes hydrogen, we call it a hydrogen rich bottle.


 Hydrogen-rich bottle help to slow aging by creating hydrogen that fuses with water to neutralize free radicals in the body. Water is essential to us, and the hydrogen cup is a hydrogen generator, water through the production of hydrogen, fused together, the effect is fantastic. In a word, the hydrogen-rich cup allows us to absorb hydrogen while adding water, which plays a role in health preservation. Moreover, the hydrogen-rich cup only needs charging to produce hydrogen, which brings us great convenience.


Change the water quality in 3-5 minutes, and quickly produce hydrogen-rich water higher than 1000PPb. The active oxygen generated by micro-electrolysis can make the hydrogen content in the water reach 800-1600PPb to reach the standard of hydrogen-rich water.


A healthy drinking cup to solve your body's sub-health, let you enjoy a cup of hydrogen-rich water anytime,anywhere.

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