Neck Massager

Nowadays, the soreness of the cervical vertebrae has become a problem that plagues many people. Therefore, different cervical massage products have been extended, and the cervical vertebra massager is a relatively easy to carry item.It has been working on computers all day long or standing for a long time. The inevitable cervical vertebrae of office workers will have some problems. Due to the work relationship, the neck is not active for a long time, resulting in stiff neck and shoulders, resulting in poor blood circulation and compression to the nerves causing pain. The cervical vertebra massager is designed for these physical discomforts. EDS's portable home electric pulse neck massager helps you maintain a good physical condition in your busy life. This product is equipped with multi-function electrode pads, which can massage all parts of the body, and the massage is more comfortable and convenient. Simulate a variety of Chinese medicine massage techniques such as cupping, massage, and scraping to drive away the neck fatigue of the day.

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