The rise of the air purifier industry

In the past few years, due to serious air pollution, the air purifier industry has risen rapidly, and many businesses have entered the market speculatively, with uneven product quality.With the significant improvement of air quality in China and consumers' return to rationality, the air purifier industry has entered a low tide and the transformation of air purifier is imminent.

In 2015, the air cleaning market exploded, attracting a large number of enterprises into the market.The air quality is poor, and the air quality index in many regions is frequently extraordinary. PM2.5, PM10 and other air particles have become the hot topic of people's conversation at leisure and after dinner. The concern about air quality prompts people to buy air purifiers, which has set off a boom in the air purifier industry.

Formaldehyde does great harm to the human body. Formaldehyde removal air purifier can eliminate formaldehyde and ensure a healthier life for consumers.There has always been a high formaldehyde over-standard rate in China's indoor decoration. Formaldehyde with a concentration greater than 0.08 mg/m3 may cause a series of symptoms such as eye redness, eye itching, throat discomfort or pain, and induce a variety of diseases.The formaldehyde content of newly decorated rooms is higher, and people usually use ventilation method and smell method to remove formaldehyde.But formaldehyde release cycle is longer, the room of new outfit should ventilated at least 3 years ability is thorough cleared formaldehyde, except flavour agent to also work for long impossibly.Formaldehyde - free air purifiers just meet the needs of consumers.As long as the formaldehyde air purifier in the home, can be long-term in addition to aldehyde, to create a better air environment.

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