Wall mounted air purifier for Bus

Our bus air purifier is the first air purifier with dual sterilization function in China adopts the latest international seven-layer super air purification system, which has multiple functions such as sterilization, dust removal, aldehyde removal, deodorization, smoke elimination, and supplementation of air vitamins (negative ions). The power system can make the air inside the car cycle 4~6 times per hour, and the appearance is fashionable, ultra-thin and low-noise, easy to install, please enjoy the humanized service while enjoying the fresh and healthy air like forest



Imagine that when the crowded bus is full of various flavors, and the confined space when driving, the air can not circulate, you may feel motion sickness, uncomfortable. But if there is an air purifier, how practical it is!


We travel a lot by bus,This is a necessary part of the bus, isn't it?


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